UltraLite 2 Color 3/16" x 150' Roll Duel Color Auto Accent Pinstripe stripe

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For Sale is 3/16" Wide 2 Color 150' Roll Stripes. 

This kit includes a 150-foot roll of pinstripe made from 2mil high performance automotive vinyl. Use to customize and accent your vehicle. The pinstripe is 3/16” overall width consisting of a 1/16” stripe of one color separated by a 1/16” gap then another 1/16" stripe of another color.

Universal Products makes professional grade pinstripe, sold stripe and graphic kits for professional installers. These installers pinstripe almost all the new vehicles sold today. There are very few if any "factory installed" pinstripes these days. Professional installers use 150 foot rolls for price, minimize waste and time. 

If your looking for the best product that will last for years, then you found what your looking for. 

I send a card with the URL for full instructions, vehicle prep and  install video. 

Colors combinations are only in the following combination:

You can see each color by typing in colors.lendaproducts.com   into your web browser.