Stripe Kits for KIA's avail in 3 colors and 3 stripe configurations

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Stripe kit includes one 50 foot roll of our 3/16, 5/16 or 8/16 pinstripe and 2 KIA Logos to insert where you want to put them. 

Select from any of three stripe configurations:

3/16" - One 1/16" stripe - 1/16" Void - One 1/16" stripe

5/16" - One 1/16" stripe - 1/8" Void - One 1/8" stripe

8/16" - One 1/8" stripe - 1/8" Void - One 1/4" stripe

Select from three colors

Silver Metallic


or Autumn Gold Metallic

Stripe and logos are made from the same high performance 2 mil material as all the Universal Professional Pinstripe. 

Installer decides where  and how to install pinstripe kit, Installer fashions their own ends. Card is shipped with kit with full instructions and video.

 Film: 2.0-mil premium cast vinyl with clear, acrylic, permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. 
 Liner: 78# white kraft. 
 Exterior Durability: 9 years*.